All memecoins are not created equal.

It’s time to show the degens that memecoins can be more than shitcoins.

πŸ’° WEN Pre-Sale? πŸ’°

No pre-sale or team allocation. Pre-sales are bullshit. We're putting up the initial LP ourselves. We've been in Web 3 for two years, building community and engineering our asses off. Time to level up.

πŸ”— WEN Staking? πŸ”—

All staking decisions are up to the DAO. Staking won't be live on launch day. But hey ... check out the code! The token has on-chain governance baked right in. We'll keep you posted.

πŸš€ WEN Launch? πŸš€

We're doing a stealth fair launch. No time or date will be announced in advance. We'll release official links on Twitter to everyone at the same time. Liquidity will be locked and contract renounced.

🌐 WEN DAO? 🌐

1 $WEN = 1 Vote. We're seeding the DAO treasury with 10% of the supply. We're gonna build a badass decentralized community that includes some of the smartest degen mfers in the world.

😱 WEN Tax - WTF?! 😱

Taxes? We don't play that shit. Gas is the real tax right now with all you crazy mofos trading shitcoins. We're gonna build something organic through hard work and good vibes.

βš™οΈ WEN Utility? βš™οΈ

WenMint already has some cool utility cookin', designed for the coming era of ERC-4337 Smart Wallets. We have no doubt that the DAO itself will come up with all sorts of other dank utilities for $WEN.


How to Buy

Create a wallet

Download Metamask or your wallet of choice from the app store or Google Play store for free. Desktop users, download the Google Chrome extension by going to metamask.io.

Get some ETH

Have ETH in your wallet to switch to $WEN. If you don’t have ETH, you can buy directly on metamask, transfer from another wallet, or buy on an exchange and send it to your wallet.

Go to Uniswap

Go to app.uniswap.org. Connect your wallet. Paste the $WEN token address into Uniswap, select WEN Token, and confirm. When Metamask prompts you for a wallet signature, sign.

Switch ETH for $WEN

Switch ETH for $WEN. We have ZERO taxes so you don’t need to specify slippage, although you may need to use slippage during high market volatility.


Stealth fair launch.
No team allocation.
No pre-sale.

420B Supply

  • 10% Staking Pool
  • 10% CEXes/DEXes
  • 10% DAO Treasury
  • 10% Marketing
  • 20% Airdrop
  • 40% Initial LP
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$WEN is a memecoin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.


Get ready for the biggest
memecoin airdrop in Web 3 history.

WenMint is forming a decentralized community called WEN DAO and we're inviting every NFT community we've worked with in the last two years to join.





If you're a WenMint MintPass holder, you will participate in our tier 1 free claim airdrop. 5% of the supply will be evently distributed across the 1,283 MintPass NFTs. This airdrop is based on snapshot. You will not be required to burn your MintPass. Your $WEN tokens will vest continuosly over 3 months.



If you hold an NFT from any of the 200+ NFT collections WenMint launched or has partnered with in the last two years, you will qualify for our tier 2 free claim airdrop based on the # of NFTs you hold. Snapshot, allowlist, and formula for calculating the allowlist will be published to Github prior to launch.



To protect the community from dumpers, all airdrop and marketing allocations will vest continously over 3 months. There is no cliff. Log in to the WEN Token app at anytime to see how many vested tokens you have available and claim when gas isn't f**ked.

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The first user-generated NFT collection of on-chain memes.

Turn your funniest "Wen?" memes into NFTs that will live on the blockchain forever.

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